Treatment method for filter core blockage

Impurity particulate matter stays in the filter element during the filtration process, and it will lead to filter clogging or secondary pollution over time inevitably. Dealing with clogging and preventing secondary pollution of filtration can extend the service life of the filter element.

Filter aids can be added. The use of filter aids can prevent clogging of voids, reduce filtration resistance and improve filtration efficiency.

DC power can be added. According to the surface electrical properties of the particles in the suspension, adding a DC electric field on both sides of the filter medium can increase the filtration rate and reduce the clogging pollution of the filter medium.

Low-frequency mechanical vibration is possible. A percussion device is installed on the filtering device, and the media put into the filtering device is  percussed periodically, so that the foreign particles clogged in the media fall out.

It can be cleaned with active agent. Add the active agent to the fluid, and then put the filter medium into the water, so that the foreign particles and fibers of the filter medium are separated by a distance to achieve the final separation.

Use reverse impact method. When a filtration cycle is completed, backwash the water with a certain pressure from the other side of the filter medium to make the particulate impurities clogged in the medium fall off as much as possible.

Post time: Jul-14-2020