Precautions for replacing the filter element

Regular replacement of the filter element not only will extend the service life of the filter, but also benefit our health. But you also need to pay attention to these matters when replacing.

Check the length of the filter element. Compare the length of the old and new filter elements. If the length of the new filter element is insufficient, it can be solved by adding a rubber pad. The rubber pad can be removed from the old filter.

When installing the filter in a household reverse osmosis pure water machine, pay attention to the filter, especially PP is easy to be biased. When screwing the filter bottle, you should feel it according to your feel by hand. The water flow direction is marked on it.

The filter element of the pure water machine accessory must be flushed before it can be connected to the subsequent system after installation. When flushing, disconnect the pipeline of the next stage and open the water inlet valve to flush. The flushing time is at least 5 minutes. Connect to the next-level processing system after flushing.

The use time of the filter depends on the water quality, generally 6-8 months, PP can be washed and used. It is best not to exceed 1 year.

Post time: Jul-22-2020